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Crowne Plaza Huizhou

日期: 2017-06-20
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Crowne Plaza Huizhou

 Hotel nanxuan by the investment group, commissioned by the British InterContinental Hotel group (Inter Continental Group) management of high-grade Traders Hotel. The hotel by the world top four architectural design company - Hongkong aedas (Aedas) and had a garden design for the Hongkong Disney park environment Pan Asia International Limited (Earthasia) to create.
The hotel has 375 rooms with novel design, different styles of Chinese and Western restaurants and Japanese cuisine, warm and comfortable lobby bar, more area of 1050 square meters and equipped with advanced audio-visual system column free grand ballroom and 9 multi-function meeting rooms can meet the business needs of all sizes.

2017 - 06 - 20
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Chenzhou City, Hunan Province, Mangshan National Forest Park Mangshan Forest Yingrui million Kay The Springs Hotel is located in known as "the first original ecological mountain" and "s...
2017 - 06 - 20
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Deer Lake Sea Spray Suites Hotel with a total construction area of about seventy thousand square meters, according to the international five star standard decoration, a total of 318 kinds of elegant r...
2017 - 06 - 20
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The Ritz Ramada Plaza Orlando Hotel in Sanya has 495 luxurious and comfortable guest rooms with complete facilities and modern design. A variety of Chinese restaurants and Western restaurants,Day rest...
2017 - 06 - 20
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Fuyuan Kokusai Hotel by Tianjin the Great Wall Hotel Real Estate Investment Limited company wholly invested by Hongkong, Datong The Peninsula Hotel management company limited the standard of five star...
2017 - 06 - 20
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The hotel has 500 spacious rooms and Suites, make your face as the acme of perfection seascape or lush landscape, experience to offer you a warm and comfortable sheraton. All rooms are equipped with a...
2017 - 06 - 20
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Chiron holiday hotel is a Fujian real estate group to invest in the construction of the Chiron five star deluxe hotel, a total investment of 320 million yuan, covers an area of 60 acres, a total const...
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