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The OEALY group enterprise recruitment 2016

date: 2016-06-21
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 The job OEALY intelligence engineering Co. ltd.:
I. General Manager
Job responsibilities:
1., the post for the company's senior management positions, work report for the chairman;
2. overall responsibility for the company's brand operations and daily operations management;
3. assist senior leaders to formulate the company's development strategy and business plan, and make reasonable suggestions for medium and long term goals;
4., responsible for the completion of the company's business strategy and decision-making, and coordination, deployment of functional departments to implement;
5. assist the chairman in directing, following up, supervising and managing the business of the company;
6., effectively collect internal and industrial competition information, conduct comprehensive data analysis, and promote orderly operation of enterprises;
Job requirements:
1. college degree or above;
2. relevant qualification certificate of management industry;
10 more than 3. years work experience in software integration and engineering;
4., must have excellent emergency handling capacity and a strong sense of responsibility;
Two 、 brand strategy planning manager
Job responsibilities:
1., responsible for the creation of enterprise brand, and form a planning program;
2. organize and plan public relations activities in charge of branding activities;
3. follow up marketing activities and monitor brand usage;
4., responsible for the enterprise brand and marketing related work;
5., the brand, marketing, brand planning, brand market operations, advertising planning, and so has a wealth of practical experience;;
6. complete the tasks assigned by superiors;
Job requirements:
1., engaged in enterprise planning 3 - 5 years;
2 、 college degree or above;
Three 、 weak current project director
Job responsibilities:
1. support system integration, including overall plan, tender, technical negotiation and so on.
2. coordinate with sales staff for technical support, provide technical explanation for customers and projects, be responsible for customer's later stage maintenance, provide technical support for customer trouble, and improve satisfaction.
Job requirements:
1. college degree or above, major in computer, network, wiring, etc.;
2.3 years of actual network building, management and system integration experience, design configuration and network system familiar with network equipment, engaged in a large independent network, security system, implementation and debugging programs involving;
Four 、 weak current project manager
Job responsibilities:
1. Organize the design and formulation of the project construction plan;
2, with the relevant departments to do a good job of equipment installation design, budget estimates, bidding, engineering review, installation and commissioning work;
3, with the construction unit in accordance with the relevant management system, installation drawings, operation specifications and progress requirements, complete the civil and equipment installation tasks;
4, timely handling of engineering management of objections and complaints, and constantly improve service satisfaction;
5, supervision and management of the construction site, good safety and on-site management;
6, establish the construction progress record, do well with the construction unit equipment installation, drawings and other data transfer filing work;
7. Statistics and report analysis on equipment installation, operation volume and other related data. Propose countermeasures according to analysis data and feedback to department manager.
1 、 college degree or above, weak, intelligent, integrated wiring, floodlight related professional;
2, 3 years above engineering management experience, relevant industry engineering management experience is preferred;
3, familiar with the project data reporting and construction licenses, Gongchengbaojian reported for work, familiar with the project tendering and construction supervision work, capable of drawing review and coordination;
4. Familiar with the relevant policies and regulations of the state, have the relevant professional knowledge required by the post, skilled use of office software and CAD graphics software, accounting and statistical skills;
5, have a strong sense of responsibility and dedication.
Five 、 system integration design and Budget Engineer
Job responsibilities:
1 、 college degree or above, major in electronic information, engineering management, intelligent construction, construction cost, budget, etc.;
2 、 have more than two years experience in weak current system, building intelligent engineering design, budget and construction experience, familiar with the main products of weak current engineering related systems, such as security monitoring, access control system, integrated wiring, building automation, etc.;
3, proficient in AutoCAD design software and proficient in Boao budget software;
4, a strong sense of responsibility, rigorous and meticulous work attitude, good team work spirit and communication and coordination ability, proactive work, can work under pressure;
5 、 team work spirit, obey management, strong execution, honest and quick response
6, can undertake weak current system engineering requirements research, weak current system engineering initial stage, site investigation;
7, weak current system engineering preliminary design (drawings, configuration list, program, budget);
8, weak current system project tender stage technical tender preparation;
9, weak current system engineering deepening design (construction drawing, construction drawing budget, deepening design scheme) 10, have two construction division qualification certificate priority, treatment preferential.


The OEALY recruitment Electronics Co. ltd.:
One, sales specialist / Channel Manager
Job responsibilities:
1, responsible for the company's product sales and promotion;
2, according to the marketing plan, the completion of departmental sales target;
3, develop new markets, develop new customers, increase sales scope of products;
4. Responsible for collecting market information and analyzing competitors;
5 、 responsible for the planning and implementation of sales activities in the sales area, and complete the sales task;
6 、 manage and maintain customer relationship and long-term strategic cooperation plan with customers.
1 、 college degree or above, major in marketing or related;
2 、 more than 1-2 years working experience in sales field, outstanding performance is preferred;
3, quick response, good expression ability, strong communication skills and communication skills, with affinity;
4, have certain market analysis and judgment ability, good customer service consciousness;
5 、 responsible and able to work under pressure;
6 、 team work spirit, good at challenging;
7, security, hotel supplies or weak intelligence experience is preferred;
8, ladies first
Two 、 foreign trade commissioner
1, responsible for foreign trade business management, coordination, guidance and supervision, organize the implementation of the company's annual business objectives, standardize the process of foreign trade business; 2, responsible for the development of the international market, understand, collect market information and competitors in the same industry, develop new customers and establish business relations;
3 、 daily maintenance of foreign relations customers, including inquiries, answers, replies and other related questions to customers;
4, responsible for all foreign trade documents and foreign exchange verification and electronic port network liaison work;
5, responsible for foreign customers reception, pick up, arrange tours and so on;
Three 、 Marketing Director
1, fully responsible for marketing, brand promotion and business operations;
2, organize research and formulate marketing, market development and other aspects of the development plan;
3, organize the annual marketing plan and marketing costs, internal profit targets and other programs;
4, formulate marketing implementation plan, through various marketing means to complete the company's marketing goals;
5, establish brand leading edge, select the best advertising channels, and manage advertising budget;
6. Responsible for organizing, hiring, assessing, distributing, promoting, punishing and dismissing the marketing staff within the scope of the organization;
7. Organize and report to the general manager on the signing of the marketing contracts, performance and the completion of the indicators;
8. Coordinate the coordination between marketing department and finance department, technical department and other departments;
9. Organize the establishment of marketing clerk's performance files, organize regular performance appraisal and professional training for marketing staff;
10, responsible for approving the marketing staff's loan list, travel expenses, differences, false, etc.;
11. Collect and report sales and marketing information, new technology, product development information, user feedback information, market trends information, etc.;
12, responsible for organizing, implementing, checking and implementing the marketing department sales statistics work and statistical basic accounting work of standardized management;
13, responsible for the company's public relations and public relations crisis management.
Above job benefits: 1. medical insurance
2. life and casualty insurance
3. major disease insurance
4. a monthly bonus for outstanding employees
5. employee assistance program
6. national holidays
7. paid annual leave
8. more benefits, wait for you to challenge to receive......
Related enterprises in OEALY group work style has always been pragmatic, come to work will face many difficulties and challenges, difficulties and challenges when coming, whether the positive face and solve only a scale is the evaluation of the ability of the staff. So think clearly before you decide whether to come; if you do, go for it!

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