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The hotel also play high-tech: these smart services you made it?

date: 2016-07-18
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The hotel also play high-tech: these smart services you made it?

The hotel also play high-tech: these smart services you made it?

Hotel industry is now very competitive, in order to attract customers, many hotels began in their own services into the latest technology, which is undoubtedly very useful for technology enthusiasts. Technology website VentureBeat recently on the inventory of the hotel provided by some high-tech services.


Alicante Aloft is a hotel located near Apple's headquarters, which has a very special staff, which is used to provide room service Botlr robot, called A.L.O. The robot wears a housekeeper's uniform, and there are about 56 liters of storage space inside. As long as the guests press the button, it can bring toothbrushes, snacks and chargers and other items.

This robot will use sensors to locate the room and people. It can be called by Wi-Fi elevator, when the arrival of the guests at the door, it will use the mobile phone system to issue a reminder, and presented the guests need items.

Upon completion, guests can rate the services of the robot. If the guest is full, it will jump on a celebration of the dance.

The hotel also play high-tech: these smart services you made it?

New York Hotel Yotel uses a robotic protocol to store luggage, if the guest's room is not yet available, or at the checkout you want to find a place to leave your luggage. Yotel's robot named YOBOT, it will be in the huge glass panel after the event, so that guests can see its action at a glance. When you need to store your luggage, guests can enter the number and size of the trunk through the touch screen. YOBOT will then store it and provide a package with a bar code.

Infrared scanner

One of the most complaining of the guests staying at the hotel is the disturbances caused by the cleaning service. In order to solve this problem, the hotel usually ask the cleaner to wait for 10 seconds to re-enter (no answer to the case), or let the guests at the door to choose to avoid being disturbed. While Seattle's Hotel 1000 chose an innovative way. Every room in this hotel has an infrared sensor that detects human calories. As a result, the cleaner can use the door of the indicator to understand whether the room was.

Keyless entry

The hotel also play high-tech: these smart services you made it?

Safety has always been a matter of concern to the hotel and the guests. At present, many hotels have to give up the key and room card, instead choose keyless entry system, designed to bring guests more convenience and security.

Some hotels will now provide guests with a built-in RFID chip key chain or wrist strap, used to replace the door key and purse. RFID technology can provide guests with a more customized experience. For example, when a guest enters the elevator, the elevator will immediately know the floor where he / she lives and press the floor button directly for the guest.

Some other hotels bring the keyless entry system to the new level. Alma Barcelona Hotel has now begun to use fingerprint-activated rooms to enter the system, Boston's 90-King Kimpton Hotel is using retinal scanning equipment to provide higher levels of accuracy and safety than fingerprints.

Personalized service

If robots and retinal scans are not enough for you, you can also try out a variety of high-tech personalized services in some hotels, including the room will use your name to greet you, personalized mood settings, and even Can be heated, deodorant and action detection of the smart toilet cover.

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