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In fact, good companies do not need marketing, good products is the largest marketing

date: 2016-07-18
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Mobile Internet is now the hottest words, but in fact, the development of mobile Internet for the hotel's marketing, sales promotion and customer relationship management provides more channels and tools. Now the tools on the market are very much, how to use these tools, choose these tools, the various hotels may have different views, and different practices. But if the hotel can not embrace the Internet, make good use of the Internet, can only be in the state of no progress.

This is a very worthwhile article. The immediate thing to do the ultimate, the next step will be beautiful and natural. Leave the product to talk about feelings, like the eunuch said climax.

Internet thinking of the product articles

"Three body" which, the universe may be reduced from 11 to 1 dimension, then the last one is what?

Answer: product.

In fact, good companies do not need marketing, good products is the largest marketing

My internet thinking is the most basic level that is the product. If the product is inserted with wings, I will add: the community. The two are one, that is: product community. Its intrinsic dynamics is: self-organization.

This is my Internet thinking all, that is, product-type community seven words: products, communities, self-organization.

Read and think duersi

1, between marketing and product comparison, who is more important?

In fact, good companies do not need marketing, good products is the largest marketing

Apple on behalf of product culture, Microsoft on behalf of marketing culture. Today, Apple is king; but ten years ago, Microsoft is the king.

Tesla boss Maaske came to China before, and Yang Yuanqing to do a file. The host asked him, "What is marketing?" He said, "Actually I do not like the concept of marketing, which is a very strange concept, like a lie to buy a product."

Masque's office is in the workshop, he is a product manager. Lei Jun itself is the product manager of millet phone. What is the role of the CEO? Is to play a strategic role? Is the management role? Is the external image? These are what we have seen before, has become a unique understanding. But today, Steve Jobs, Maasque, Lei Jun, Zhang Xiaolong, they have the CEO as a product manager.

Whether the entrepreneur itself is a product manager, is it easier to succeed? In the Internet, this sentence is basically common sense: the product manager was the world.

Over the past three decades, marketing over, the word. Today, the product is not good, is not good marketing. Lei Jun said: "In fact, good companies do not need marketing, good product is the largest marketing.

On an era, over the past three decades, the era of industrialization, that time of communication is the center of the spread. In this era, two people retired, but also indicates the centuries of the spread of the past. First, is Zhao Benshan retired, on behalf of the nation's star up and down the characters; second, Shi Yuzhu retired, on behalf of an ad from top to bottom the same era passed.

The biggest cost dividend in this era: the decline in cognitive circulation costs. A small character will be known in the world.

In the past, the cost of connecting customers is huge and can not find consumers, so the cost of connecting in the middle is huge. The cost of the product connected to the user today is equal to zero. Today, this era of advertising for the most profound understanding of the essence is: product that is advertising.

Products and advertising itself can not be separated. Product and marketing is one thing from a higher dimension of commercial civilization. Marketing and advertising is in the world of occupation of the world of consciousness, today's products are also aware of the world occupation of the high point, both today opened up. Marketing into the product.

Millet rival: is the domestic mobile phone?

No. Millet in the competition, to compete with its cattle, it has been and the global brand together, only mention the domestic brand, it has been near the wealthy, and high-end mobile phones have the same high configuration: "the world's top companies Of the top supply chain "and then directly and high-end mobile phone than cost-effective.

Please see the following copy of the title:

Millet 3: "the world 's fastest mobile phone, while using the history of the two strongest platform.

"Millet TV chooses the world's best supplier."

Marketing into the product, the product is advertising.

Fu Ye founder recently wrote an article: "how quickly detonated a new brand?", Which referred to the carved bones 5 million to buy a mysterious formula; Riverbird home to spend 200 million nail car, which is very high decoration. This formula is a big ad, the car is a big ad, others will shoot their own, their own biography. This is the product marketing, product marketing, product is advertising.

2, technology and products, who is more important?

Ding Lei said: "Blind innovation is dangerous, not for innovation and innovation." This is a time from the technical era to the era of product transformation, Nokia's research and development costs are Apple 4 times, but it did not make Apple products.

3, strategy and product, who is more important?

"21st Century Business Review" has an article: Bye Bye Business Owner Hello Product Manager. The article mentioned: "four or five years ago, if a business is just talking about how to do the product, but do not care how to develop a strategy to build the brand, it will be seen as a business without fear, business leaders will be Think it is a small business owner, and today, talking about the strategy has become funny.

In the long life cycle of the product, the direction of the sense of important! So, what is the end of today to make the product everything? Answer: product life cycle. In the Internet age, changes in product cycles lead to a decline in strategic importance. Industrial era, product life cycle is long. Today is the product life cycle into the "fast forward" era. Fang Shengfang death, side dead side students, product life cycle zero.

To know that the pace of technological progress will certainly exceed the progress of market demand. Technology life cycle is getting shorter and shorter, more and more fast out. Conventional technological advances are slowly growing, but will progressively increase rapidly at an inflection point, accelerating growth, and technological progress showing exponential progress, accelerating progress.

It is dangerous to promote a product slowly and steadily. If you can not brush it all the time, then the promotion is very difficult. No one likes "Fang Sheng Fang death" era, but you can not.

Here we find that it is not the strategy and the product who is more important, is actually the same thing. Strategy is around the product, a product strategy, because of technological progress, which led to the product from the original foundation was pushed to the top.

You will find that today's products are very painful, but this is the world. If you are willing to do a mainstream with the wave, it does not matter; if you want to be a subversive, revolutionaries, it is necessary to do so.

"The ultimate is to drive yourself crazy, the others forced to death." You only own to force yourself to force, in order to others to die, they can get great satisfaction and satisfaction.

Zhang Xiaolong said WeChat is evolved, not planning out of the. Today is a single point of the extreme, dig a thing deep enough, big enough; today is to kill the chicken to use the chopper, less to do something, to do the best thing is the best strategy. There is no difference between man and man's wisdom, that is, the direction of force. Do less, we feel that will earn less, but do the ultimate, but finally earn more.

You see, millet 4 sales per month 2 million units. For the hard iron fact, that millet is effective, so do not firmly questioned, if not learn, it shows that they are not empty cup mentality.

Cheetah Mobile CEO Fu Sheng said: "Today, this time, as long as one thing can change the world."

The industrial age must be managed. Internet companies are the core of the locomotive, a person to do, you can do a bunch. Tencent from QQ as a locomotive, to today's WeChat as the front. One thing to do well, the other will come. So, the ultimate is a state, not a function.

Internet brand is the founder, between the product and the fans of a "conspiracy." Product of the personality of the brand era, all the brand will be personalized. All consumers will be entertaining. Like Chen Ou's "I am Chen O, I endorse my own" advertising.

Luo Luo thinking, said: "with the dead look to dry products."

Carnival sirloin said: "said the attitude of doing a bowl of sirloin. Light luxury meal." Also said, can afford to see the opera talent to eat my meal.

Including now sharing the popular "craftsman spirit". Today's feelings can not just be universal values of the subject, to have their own personality in the inside.

However, leave the product to talk about feelings, such as the climax of the eunuchs

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