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Hotels to upgrade the new trend of these hotels actually take the first step

date: 2016-07-18
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Science and technology change experience, intelligent change hotel. The steady development of intelligent industry led to the transformation and upgrading of the hotel industry. How much experience can reflect the speed of a hotel to keep up with the market update iteration. At present, the hotel transformation has emerged six new trends, all smart technology hotel application of the latest upgrade, you know?

According to Ovilvy Net data show that in 2015 global smart hardware retail sales reached 130 million. Of which the Chinese market smart hardware retail sales of 40 million, accounting for 32% of the global share. Smart home accounted for 39%, higher than the global (31%) 8 percentage points. Among them, 80% of smart home is mainly concentrated in the tourist accommodation industry, as the main part of the accommodation industry, more and more hotels have begun to integrate into the brand service.

(1) self stay check-in zero seconds

In order to reduce the customer waiting for the front desk check-out waiting time, improve the user experience services, in recent years, many hotels launched a self-service experience.

Hotels to upgrade the new trend of these hotels actually take the first step

Marriott Hotel Mobile Self Service

As early as two years ago, Marriott launched a mobile phone check-in and check-out service, and during the initial trial run, more than 90% of the millennials said they would continue to use and walk in the forefront of the times.

Hotels to upgrade the new trend of these hotels actually take the first step

Aloft Hotel SPG Smart Stay onsite

Another giant Starwood and the world's largest lock maker Assa Abloy together to create a SPG smart check-in software, has been in the Aloft, source, W three brands of the world more than 150 hotels a total of more than 30,000 rooms launched. In addition to the user can remove the front desk registration procedures, but also directly through the SPG application, use the phone to open the door.

Hotels to upgrade the new trend of these hotels actually take the first step

Huazhong Hotel Group Self Catering Service

In addition to international brands, domestic brands, especially the economy in the field of intelligent hotel to try a lot of places. Hua live with FaceUI to create a hotel self-service system, through the APP to achieve the user self-election room, booking invoices, 0 seconds check-out and other functions, will check-in time from the original 3 minutes to 30 seconds. At the same time, the hotel also use the platform to obtain real-time consumer data, rapid upgrade to optimize the hotel's large data collection, to provide users with high-fit service.

(2) sweep payment to optimize room consumption

In line with the new era of payment changes, enjoy the convenience of mobile consumption, some hotels have begun to sweep the money as a hotel "extra points" service.

Hotels to upgrade the new trend of these hotels actually take the first step

Blue Ocean Group sweep money payment effect at a glance

It is reported that the Blue Ocean Group's more than 30 hotels have launched a sweep payment service, support Alipay payment, WeChat payment, Apple Pay, etc., stay at the hotel's consumers only need to complete the sweep of the two-dimensional code to pay the phone, the whole process Less than a minute. In addition, like economic brands such as home, 7 days, mid-range brand Jun Pavilion and private high-end hotel representative Kaiyuan also launched a similar service content.

In the point of the columnist Liu Jue view, like the Shenzhen Venice Hotel, Shenzhen Overseas Chinese Town Intercontinental Hotel and Yangshuo Banyan Tree and other boutique hotel rooms all have two-dimensional code, not only to facilitate the direct payment of the residents to pay, but also greatly Improve the room consumption and the right to sign the store.

Hotels to upgrade the new trend of these hotels actually take the first step

Hotels to upgrade the new trend of these hotels actually take the first step

Blessings of Yangshuo Village

Reporters learned that Yung Fung Banyan Tree in addition to support the sweep payment function, but also used Sealy (silk ripening) smart mattress, Bose wireless audio equipment and other new technology products to improve the guest experience.

Hotels to upgrade the new trend of these hotels actually take the first step

Left: silk ripped mattress right: Bose wireless audio equipment

Silk Lian Dian mattress is the world's five-star hotel in one of the preferred mattress, its biggest feature is the internal intelligent spring, according to the sleeping position and weight of intelligent automatic adjustment, the price of 2000-60000 yuan is not Wait.

Bose as one of the most famous American audio equipment brand, not only versatile, but also for home entertainment system designed a user-friendly audio program, and the price is reasonable, only between 1000-5000 yuan.

(3) integrated smart furniture hotel application was well received

When the smart home industry chain has not yet formed when some hotels have begun to introduce smart furniture. Increase the entertainment function of the intelligent video playback system to create a comfortable environment of intelligent lighting, saving the cost of the hotel intelligent air conditioning, to enhance the bathroom service smart toilet, etc., have become a necessary choice for hotel upgrades.

Mai point column author Gu Shuai that now a lot of mid-range boutique hotels have been moving towards the direction of intelligent integration, and this is a trend, on behalf of the consumer's demands. To Li Feng Hotel, for example, through the introduction of automatic curtains, music showers and other intelligent services, led to a good outside praise.

Hotels to upgrade the new trend of these hotels actually take the first step

Hotels to upgrade the new trend of these hotels actually take the first step

Lecture Hotel intelligent room control system at a glance

In addition to the intelligent experience, Li Feng Hotel also with the Pujie wisdom hotel guest control system manufacturers, launched a smart door was, dedicated Bluetooth touch wall background music switch, four Siamese touch switch, easy to operate the guest.

(4) intelligent kitchen system to reduce hotel energy consumption

For the hotel, the kitchen may be the most likely to overlook a place, the user does not directly contact with them. However, you have to pay attention to it, intelligent kitchen system in the hotel cost has a very prominent achievement.

General kitchen equipment costs only 20 million, but after the stacking costs will be high. Although the early investment in intelligent equipment may be seven or eight hundred thousand, but in the course of the use, can save nearly 50% of the cost, but also to reduce pollution, increase food hygiene, reduce kitchen safety risks.

Point column column author Zhao Jixiang combined with their actual use revealed that the introduction of smart kitchen for the hotel to create revenue is in the affirmative. For example, every month, the hotel with intelligent infrared cooking stove, you can save about 25-30% of natural gas; intelligent water-saving device, you can save at least 12% of the water.

Hotels to upgrade the new trend of these hotels actually take the first step

Infrared intelligent cooking stove at a glance

(5) intelligent management system to improve hotel efficiency

From the current cost-benefit perspective, the hotel's application of software is relatively mature. And the market has dedicated to the operation of the hotel and the guests experience the intelligent products, people-centered, through data collection, statistics, analysis, improve efficiency, save resources and enhance the guests experience.

Levin column author Li Wentao recommended blue beans technology is a good intelligent management system. In the mobile office, it uses a mobile management APP instead of the traditional walkie-talkie, telephone, service standards and service processes into the management of the APP. In mobile applications, the use of existing mobile phone applications such as online channels, direct link to the guests, the user's intuitive feedback. In addition, by capturing OTA guests comments data, understand the behavior of guests, habits, and then analyze the data, the formation of the hotel's own service solutions.

Hotels to upgrade the new trend of these hotels actually take the first step

Hotels to upgrade the new trend of these hotels actually take the first step

Hotels to upgrade the new trend of these hotels actually take the first step

Blue beans technology operation at a glance

From the application of blue beans technology effect, it can not only save the room service center two flights of labor costs, but also the hotel due to service delivery complaints reduced by 90%, about the annual savings of 10 million yuan for the hotel.

(6) the use of new energy to improve hotel gross margin

According to the relevant statistics, China's general hotel annual energy consumption expenditure accounted for the proportion of its turnover reached 6% -18%, (usually, three-star hotel annual energy consumption of 8% -12%, four-star hotel 7% -10%, five-star hotel 6% -8%). Although the hotel people know the difficulty of energy cost control, the introduction of some intelligent energy management system can reduce energy consumption, but because of its early input costs, will be a lot of owners to give up.

Liu Jue that in the hotel upgrade process, some of the necessary areas should be willing to invest, because it will directly affect the hotel's gross margin. For example, in the north, the independent fresh air system and an independent temperature control system can achieve energy savings of 50 days a year.

Hotels to upgrade the new trend of these hotels actually take the first step

Hotels to upgrade the new trend of these hotels actually take the first step

Hotels to upgrade the new trend of these hotels actually take the first step

Ground temperature system and gas system combined with the temperature control of intelligent, waste heat not only solve the pool landscape water, but also to achieve a green intelligent.

At present, the brand top ten independent fresh air system are Panasonic Panasonic, ZEHNDER Sende, lofty empty goods, Honeywell Honeywell, Edith aldes, blue homes NATHER, DAIKIN Daikin, BROAN Baolang, Odio airdow As well as Vortice Waters, the hotel can choose according to its different characteristics and price.

Over the past decade, OTA has changed the way consumers booked hotels, upgrades to smartphones and software to enhance the experience of guest rooms, reducing the hotel's management costs. Now, the smart technology market segment is becoming more and more mature about the development of the hotel pattern. City 118, Li Feng Hotel launched a service robot, such as home, Jinjiang Star, etc. began to try VR room experience. Have to say that the needs of users and the competition between the market has driven the hotel to the intelligent integration of the service era. So, in order to upgrade the smooth development of the transition, you think the hotel can do what? We look forward to!

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